Resource Centre

  • How do I get affiliated for the PMKVY program for conducting trainings
    PMKVY accreditation is handled by NSDC PMKVY team, you may visit website for more information
  • What is the process of Non PMKVY affiliation/Generic affiliation
    • Fill the application form available in website
    • Equip the training centre with the prescribed infrastructure in line with PMKVY
    • Complete the due diligence of the centre by paying the centre validation fee of Rs 4000/- INR
  • Where do I source the PMKVY induction kits
    Please refer to the vendor list available in PMKVY website for more information
  • Where from do I order the students handbooks and facilitators guide
    Vendors list is available in PMKVY website, please refer for more information
  • Do we get placement assistance to our trained candidates from LSC
    Yes, please write a mail to
  • How do we Nominate our trainer for Training of Trainers program
    Please write an email to with trainers certificates and experience credentials
  • How do we nominate the assessors for training of assessors
    program Please write an email to with assessors certificates and experience credential